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The Balm is your space. Whether it’s workload, or life stressors, it’s easy to feel out of control. We’re here to help, we got you. As The City College of New York’s home for reducing risks related to drug and alcohol use, we provide students with access to peer support, self-care resources, and assessments. Additionally, we provide facts and dispel myths around substance use.

Self-Assessment & Self-Care

Let’s get one thing straight: we aren’t here to judge you, we’re here to listen and offer support. As part of our program, we offer two totally confidential self-assessments of your substance use.

Some of us don’t need an assessment to know we need help.
If you want to skip the assessment and learn more about options for getting help related to alcohol or drugs, see the Resources below.


Below is a list of resources that offer immediate support.
Remember if there’s a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

What does getting help look like?

How can I find help at CCNY?

What's available nearby?

Sometimes help means getting support right now.
Crisis hotlines can do that.

Peer navigation

You’re stressed. We got you. Balm has set up a peer support system—a group of Psychology graduate students—who are on hand to talk through your unique set of issues and come up with a self-care plan that fits you.

At its core, peer support is a stress management tool that provides: 

  • * 45-minute virtual individual and group meetings for students
  • * feasible ways to cope with stress and navigate workloads

The Facts

The Balm wants you to have access to the facts on substance use so you can be informed about your options. Follow us on Instagram for updates on self-care and how to check in with about where you’re at and what to do next.


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Our Partners

The Balm works with a series of on-campus groups and organizations to address substance use on campus. Meet the team.

CCNY Athletics
New York City Prevention Resource Center
National Guard Counterdrug Task Force
College of Staten Island Alcohol & Drug Prevention Program
The Towers at CCNY
Drug Policy Alliance
Crime Victims Treatment Center (CVTC)

Contact Us

We want to hear from you: Whether you have concerns, questions, or just want to talk to us, we’re here to listen: Contact us at: thebalm.ccny@gmail.com

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